A debate with the Seattle Police Department over its ‘Tweet Smart’ campaign

by moniguzman on August 17, 2014

Local police departments, including Seattle’s, put out a “Tweet Smart” campaign a couple weeks ago asking people to hold back from sharing police activity in real-time in emergencies, among other calls to share with caution.

I see a problem with the request, and wrote it up in GeekWire on Thursday.

Last night I read and jumped into this Twitter debate with the Seattle Police Department, one of the most socially engaged departments in the country. It’s pretty phenomenal that public discussions like this can come together while we’re all just going about our Saturday.

Here’s the chat…

(@seattlepd let me know Sunday morning that a couple tweets were missing from my original Storify here and pointed me to this thread, which seems to have most if not all of them. I went in and added missing tweets to the thread below; hope I got ‘em.)

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