Got tips on how to use social media to teach writing?

by moniguzman on August 20, 2014

I just got this email from a reader the other day, a local high school teacher who wants to use social media to teach her students more about writing and critical thinking.

I didn’t have any ideas or resources to give off the top of my head, but figured I might know someone who does.

Anyone have ideas to pass along to her, or know someone she should talk to/follow?

Hello Monica,

I am an avid fan of your article in the Sunday Times as I have been an English High School teacher for the past twenty-two years and have seen technology evolve in my personal life and the life of my students.

While I see the effects of the 24/7 access of socializing on-line for my students, I’m trying to find ways to utilize social media in meaningful ways that add to the students writing fluency and critical thinking/reflection.

If you have any resources in your back pocket, I would be truly grateful.

Many thanks.

  • J

    Have students tell a story in exactly 140 characters. It will make them think about every word and every character!

  • Monica Guzman

    Indeed. Tough, but a good skill!

  • Monica Guzman

    Thanks to everyone who sounded off with ideas for this teacher! Here’s a link to the Facebook thread and the tweet responses. I’m emailing her now with a link to this post, so she can check out all the good options…



  • J

    My 7th grade teacher made us write 25-word book reports. It was a great way to learn that every word matters.

  • Monica Guzman

    Oooh nice. Brevity can be a really great teacher.

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