The search for coffee shops in Cambridge

by moniguzman on August 12, 2015

Screenshot from the Cambridge coffee shop map. Thanks, @luizmarq! Screenshot from MIT’s You Are Here walkability Cambridge coffee shop map. Thanks, @luizmarq!

If you know me, you know I’m a coffee shop worker.

I like the movement. The ambiance. The collection of people doing their own thing together. The background buzz of all those conversations, which actually makes my brain work better. Really.

People sample coffee but I sample coffee shops. I go to different ones depending on the work mode I’m in. Busy coffee shop/bookstores when I’m brainstorming, large, spacious coffee shops when I’m interviewing, comfy, warm coffee shops when I need to hunker down and focus. I’ve been to dozens and have a whole collection to choose from.

In Seattle.

Today, my fifth day in Cambridge, I set out to find my favorite coffee shops to work from here.

I started with one that’s very close to my apartment in Mid-Cambridge: Dwelltime.

That was a short visit.

“Excuse me, what’s your WiFi login?” I asked the woman behind the counter.

“We don’t have WiFi.”



That’s when I sent out the tweet and Facebook post. What coffee shops should I check out? I got a lot of good tips. (Full list below.)

I went to one more, 1369 Coffee in Central Square (they had WiFi, but it’s only free for 45 minutes) before heading to lunch with Jason then spending the afternoon at the Cambridge Public Library, which is too quiet for my taste, but is gorgeous, doesn’t charge for anything, AND lets you eat.

Here are the other places I heard I should check out. Know of another good spot? Let me know. I’ll update this post and mark these in bold as I visit them…

1369 (Central Square location – check! – and Inman Square)
Atomic Bean
The Biscuit
Bloc 11 Cafe
Cafe Pamplona
Cafe Rustica
Clover Food Lab
Crema Cafe
Dado Tea
Darwins (I already went to this one – though not to work – on the morning of my interview for my Nieman Fellowship back in April. I didn’t finish my whatever-I-ordered, because nerves. Luckily, my best friend was there to keep me from losing my mind)
Diesel Cafe
Mariposa Bakery and Cafe
Mt. Crepe
Petsi Pies
Porter Square Books cafe (sounds like this one’s got brainstorming potential)

Thanks to Alex Howard, Joseph Lichterman, Jesse Holcomb, Vanessa Rhinesmith, Sharon Wang, Teresa Gorman, Justin Ellis, Tom Koschwanez, Warren Sukernek, Natalie Kovalcik, Damon Cortesi, Kaitlyn Hennigan, @luizmarq and @workfromco for sharing their favorites.    

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