Car free in Cambridge: This should get interesting

by moniguzman on August 16, 2015


We did not bring either of the two cars we drove in Seattle to Cambridge. In the week since we moved here we’ve been pushing strollers, taking buses and holding little hands to cross streets.

We are car free. And I’m a little concerned about that.

When I first started working at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in 2007, I lived a ten-minute walk away. East a few blocks and up a hill. You know how many times I walked to work?


Car free is a lifestyle for some people. I envy them. I’d love to be the kind of person who bikes or walks everywhere for all those wholesome reasons.

But I haven’t been. At least, not while I’ve had the option to get in a car.

Here in Cambridge, I don’t.

There are a few reasons I think I’ll like walking and busing and T-ing it everywhere:

  • It’s a built-in workout
  • The brick sidewalks are pretty
  • The buildings are gorgeous
  • Everything is within 20 minutes

And a few reasons I think I’ll hate it:

  • It’ll suck when I’m running late
  • It’ll suck when I’m really tired
  • It’ll suck when I want to go far away
  • It’ll suck when it’s freezing cold.

So my plan (“plan”) is to battle each of those four cons with some logic.

  1. Plan well. Leave early. I won’t have to worry about traffic. So that’s something.
  2. Eat right. Cut back on the sugar highs and carb lows. This one’s mildly possible.
  3. Embrace ZipCar.
  4. Actually dress for the weather. I tend to dress for what I want the weather to be. So that should stop.

Meanwhile, I really wish I had the Nike FuelBand I stopped wearing years ago. My step count is about to get pretty impressive.


  • Cheryl Richmond

    “I tend to dress for what I want the weather to be.”

    HAHAHAHA Monica, that one made me laugh out loud! :)

    You’ll figure it out! And yes, embrace ZipCar when you need to. Planning ahead is ALWAYS a good idea (especially when you have kids, because they hate being rushed and transitions are hard). And eating right, well that’s just good for you.

    I’m so gonna love reading these Boston posts!

  • Monica Guzman

    I think I’m going to enjoy writing them. It’s nice to have a change of scene. It gives you a higher contrast look at your world…

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