You can find all my Seattle Times and GeekWire columns on each of those sites. Below are what I consider this year’s highlights.

Why I’m glad Satya Nadella gave that awful career advice to women

Nadella’s awful advice is already doing more to boost the modern conversation about diversity in the workplace than any other incident in at least the past couple of years.

In battle with Amazon, all local businesses need is love

Amazon is convenient, but it doesn’t smile and wave as I come in.

When your next meeting is with Bill Gates

When Jarrel told his mother who he’d be meeting today, she gave him one piece of advice: “If Bill tells you to get out of medical school,” she said, “say no.”

Everything I know about Twitch I learned from my live-streaming husband

If Jason trudged to the shower post-stream or made his amazing morning pancakes with a distant look in his eyes, I could be pretty sure he’d played terribly. If he popped in to our son’s room at 8 a.m. with his eyes big and his arms out for a toddler-sized hug, I knew he and his viewers had had a blast.

The problem with the police’s plea to ‘Tweet Smart’

Isn’t it smartest for the public to tweet more real-time police activity in some emergencies, not less?

Dying for ‘Dota 2’: My newbie attempt to understand the richest game in e-sports

Ten minutes into my first game of “Dota 2,” I had managed to master one thing. Dying.

Why in the world I hand-wrote my emails – and what it taught me about how we write

I did it to hack my brain. To make it slow down and notice the flurry of digital mutterings it writes and sends so easily, they barely register as mutterings at all.

Facebook’s infuriating mood manipulation study: What I’m afraid the company learned

The longer I write, the more I believe that all our anxiety about the companies that both power and manipulate our digital universe can be summed up in one big problem: They know too much. And we don’t know enough.

His year of online silence: A popular blogger braces for reentry

“Do you have to be enlightened just to get by these days?” Roberts asked no one in particular.

‘It’s going great!’ Decoding the biggest lie in startups

When your growth is more about your potential than your products, more about your story than your services, hope and enthusiasm aren’t your crutches. They’re your currency.

How Facebook found Hailey: Why this Seattle parent shared her search for her teen

While Missing Persons collected phone messages, Marie collected a team.

Paper or pixel? Don’t burn those books just yet

I used to think people reading paper were behind the times. Now I think they’re blissfully free from them.

Hey you? You with the phone? Can I ask you some questions?

How many digital devices are within five feet of you right now? Is your phone one of them? Are you reading this on your phone? Do you want to check another app for a second, then come back? What’s new in your world? Everything OK? Should we continue?

Bummed in ‘Silicon Valley’: Why I can’t stand these new shows about startups

Far from solving this nasty gender divide in the most important field in the world, we’re not even able to picture what it looks like when men and women work together in technology.