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 Announcing my brand new podcast!

It’s finally official! A Braver Way, a brand new podcast I’m hosting about how to stay curious across divides, launches October 2023 and the trailer is here! Can you share it with your networks today? It would mean the world. ❤️

I love building mission driven media, and A Braver Way is no exception. It’s razor focused on equipping people with the tools they need to bridge the divide in their everyday lives and confront the barriers in their way. And I’m so grateful to my producers, David Albright and Jessica Jones, for helping make this idea that’s been building for months into a reality. 💪 Mark your calendars for the big launch Oct. 24, and hit subscribe on your favorite podcast platform to stay up to date! Can’t wait to find a braver way to hear and be heard across our differences with you.

— Moni


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